Dundee College

Dundee College, established in 1985 by the merger of Dundee College of Commerce and Kingsway Technical College, is today one of Scotland’s leading centres of further and higher education.  Dundee College is the only College in Dundee, the largest in Tayside and the 4th largest in Scotland. It attracts 23 000 students each year.

Dundee College is involved in a range of partnership and articulation agreements with public bodies, other colleges and local universities.  It also works closely with industry bodies and employers. The College mission is to contribute to an ambitious Scotland by playing a lead role in education, economic development and community life. Programmes of study include vocational, professional and academic subject grades and disciplines at National, Higher National, Degree and post-graduate level.

The College is currently investing £43m in a new state of the art Gardyne campus.

Dundee College is committed to showing leadership in the use of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures on its own estate and curriculum. To date the College has been successful in achieving a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) grant through (BERR) in collaboration with McGill Electrical, and development of short course provision for industry. In addition to the aforementioned the College is currently involved in a trans-national project Build with CaRe, which is combining modern methods of construction and micro- renewable technology with the effect of Carbon Reduction. The College is fast gaining a reputation for leading on sustainable construction methods and has held seminars in this to disseminate its work.

A Renewable Energy Facility was established to provide a sound research base and knowledge resource for the ongoing development of the micro – renewables sector in Scotland. The College has collaborated with major manufacturers in the development of this facility, these being Worcester Bosch and Dimplex. The facility currently has accommodation constraints and hence is fragmented into two areas of the College estate, Solar Thermal and Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps.

The Centre for Construction and Built Environments innovative and technologically advanced curriculum meets the ever increasing demand for micro-renewable energy. A wide range of short courses for industry is offered to organisations and individuals, but this could be enhanced with the introduction of micro wind, CHP and PV technologies etc. A major factor in dissemination of this technology is demonstration.

The enhanced Renewable Energy facility is intended to be a catalyst for environmental issues to become a major feature of Dundee College students’ day-to-day learning, with the intention of sustainability becoming embedded into the main stream curriculum.

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