Diamond Hall, University of Ulster

Diamond Hall, University of Ulster, winner of The Wood Awards 2011

Internal refurbishment is concentrated on the hall and associated foyer which are at the centre of university life. Strong colours used in the foyer glazing reflect internally and add warmth and vibrancy to the interior. Spaced walnut battens fixed to curved steel creates an open ceiling which is a visual barrier but allows the existing services to function above. It mimics the original stained softwood batten finish to the ceiling and upper walls of the Diamond Hall. The use of walnut wall panels, doors, frames and an engineered sprung walnut floor compliment the original retained timber battens. Factory paint finished timber acoustic panels in various shades of light greys and white were used inside the hall to break up the long uninterrupted wall elevations reflecting the external treatment of the clay tiles and acting as a contrast to the surrounding dark timber.

Architect: Samuel  Stevenson & Sons