Plain panels

Plain panels are anything but plain. It is when we are commissioned to create a wooden clad interior that our true expertise is called on. A wall or ceiling solution covered in natural wood is a challenge involving craftsmanship and experience. Our veneering experts can offer many alternative choices of veneering techniques from the finest choice of materials. Depending on the wood species, the veneer cut, the colour tone and ultimately the installation precision, a plain wooden panel becomes one of nature´s strongest interior expressions. The passage of time and light exposure will continue to affect the natural maturing process of the material until it achieves a life-long classic appearance. There is nothing plain about a Gustafs panel.

  • Academy of Music in Gdansk

    The Academy of Music in Gdansk is over half a century old. In northern Poland it was the only Musical Academy for a long time, covering a catchment area of 1/5th of the country which today amount to more than 5 million citizens. Visit the project >>


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    Gustafs Panel System is suitable for

    • Hotel lobbies
    • Board rooms
    • Audiatoria
    • Restaurants
    • Concert Halls
    • Schools
    • Offices
    • Health Care


• Optimal acoustic solutions
• Best possible fire rating, A2
• Real sustainability
• Beautiful natural wood surfaces
• Freedom in design
• Long experience - Safe buy