Nano Perforation – micro perforated panels

Perforated Panels – Gustafs BF-Nano

Invisible Perforation with unique acoustic qualities

The micro perforation is applied to real wood veneers and is only visible from nearby. BF-NANO gives a good sound absorption over a wide range of frequencies. Apart from being almost invisible, BF – NANO provides a perforation pattern all the way out to the edges (no frame). Due to this the installation will appear more homogeneous.

NanoNANO perforation 1,75/2,0/0,5
Number of holes 300.000 / m2
Veneers All
Laminates CPL’s
Surface finish Wood Grain (GWGS) lacquer
Panel Thickness 13,6 %
Edges All
Open area 5,9 %
Fire classification (panel) B-s1,d0
Fire classification (core) Up to A1-s1,d0
Apart from all types of wooden veneers,NANO is available in CPL’s too (Continuous Pressured Laminate)



Making the most out of your room

When dressed with BF-NANO panels, a room reduces not only the disturbing noise of conversations and other human sounds, it also absorbs the noise of machines and other mechanical equipment and thereby provide a reverberation at a very comfortable level.



Gustafs Panels with NANO veneer is well suited for sectional light transmission when back-lit. In this way logotypes and other illustrations can be highlighted with a beautiful real wood luster, while being undetectable when lightning is off.


The 0,5 mm small holes stop dust collection as the dust simply can not penetrate the surface material. This results in a maintenance free installation with a sound absorbing result that remains the same over time.

Data sheet

Download Product Sheet Gustafs BF-NANO as PDF

Technical Data Sheet. Rev. 2013-01-07

Gustafs BF-NANO

Core: Fiber Gypsum
Surface: Wood veneer Lacquer
Design: Acoustical Nano Perforation
Thickness: 13,2 mm
Width: 600 mm
Length: 600 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2400 mm
Colour, Pattern & finish

Wood is a natural product and each veneer is unique. Colour, pattern and structural differences are considered as normal and a part of the décor. Wood changes over time when exposed to UV-light. When painted, please supply RAL or NCS numbers.

Only for indoor use. Use and installation at 18-50 C° and 25-60% humidity. Cleanings is done by dry mop or vacuum. Use white spirit for greasy stains, synthetic cleaning fluid without ammonia for fruit, wine and coffee. Blood is removed with cold water.
Thickess ±0,5 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
Lenght and width +0,2 mm / -0,5 mm  SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
Diagonal size +0,2 mm / -0,5 mm  SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
Flatness ±2,0 mm  SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
CE declaration Yes suspended ceilings, EN 13964
Weight 15,7 kg/m  SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
Flexural tensile strenght Class 1 / A / no load  EN 13963
Service load bearing 450 N for ceiling use, EN 13964
Failing load bearing 3520 N for ceiling use, EN 13964
Thermal conductivity NPD
Release of asbestos NPD
Formaldehyde E1 (0,016 mg/m³) E1=0,05 mg/m³, EN 717-1
TVOC 23 µg/m2h total emission, SS-EN ISO 16000-9
Recycled content, pre-cons. 77% industrial gypsum
Recycled content, post-cons. 17% cellulosa fibers
FSC Yes stewardship for woods, FSC
Durability >50 years expected life time
Energy for production 99% water energy 1% wind energy
Possibible LEED points EA C1, MR C1.2, MR C2, MR C3, MR C4, MR C5, MR C6, MR C7, IEQ C3.1, IEQ C3.2, IEQ C4.1, IEQ C4.4. Schools: EQ C4, option 6, EQ C9 sustainable buildings.LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations, LEED for Schools
Possibible BREEAM points sustainable buildings
Reaction to fire, core A2,s1,d0 Euroclass, EN 13501-1
Resistance to fire K1-10/K2-10 Euroclass, EN 13501-1
Reaction to fire, with veneer B,s1,d0 Euroclass, EN 13501-1


When dressed with BF-NANO panels, a room reduces not only the disturbing noise of conversations and other human sounds, it also absorbs the noise of machines and other mechanical equipment and thereby provide a reverberation at a very comfortable level.