Gustafs Panel System

THE GUSTAFS PANEL SYSTEM comprises acoustic panels for wall and ceiling coverings, mostly in public buildings such as conference rooms, concert halls and auditoriums. With Gustafs Panel System we have combined nice design with flexible installation. We can offer certified wood and products without urea-formaldehyde content or emissions. Please ask for our FSC® certified offer.


    A wall clad with wooden panels contributes warmth and a general welcoming feeling to a locality. This is especially true if the room is to maintain a classic appearance from year to year. Gustafs Panel System® fulfils all these requirements.



    A wooden panel ceiling gives a room an exclusive feeling and an added dimension. Various ceiling structures and colours can be a decorative addition to any environment. Additionally the room acoustic can be positively affected important, not least, in a public location or meeting room.



    Gustafs has a long history within the joinery industry and even though many projects can involve thousands of square meters, these days we are able, thanks to our flexible production, to assist you even with small specially formed parts, small details that can make a big difference.


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    When constructing a cladding panel there are many requirements that steer the choice of component materials. Among our first demands were; a strictly plane surface, dimensional stability, fire retardation and acoustic characteristics. These demands effectively eliminate most traditional wood-based choices.

    However, a panel constructed of highly compressed gypsum and cellulose fibre incorporates the properties needed to meet fire prevention demands and offers good acoustic characteristics while at the same time offers us wood’s versatility and aesthetic charm.

    Plywood and MDF

    We can also provide plywood and MDF panels. Contact us for more information.



    Using a dark core, the holes or slots in an acoustic panel will be less visible in combination with dark veneers and
    paints. Unless the perforation pattern is a very important part of the design, “hiding” the holes is a great new
    aesthetic benefit that Gustafs can offer.

    Gustafs recommends the use of a Dark Core for perforated acoustic panels with dark veneers like Walnut, Wenge, Mahogany, Teak or painted in dark colours. For the lighter range of both veneers and paints we still recommend using the standard white core substrate.

    Solid wood edging

    Prior to veneering, a solid wood edging is integrated around the panel, disguising the core material. When the veneer is then applied it covers the wooden edge and effectively gives the panel the appearance of being made entirely of wood. This process contributes to the total strength of the panel making it more robust and ensures its dimensional characteristics.

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    Environmentally friendly

    We employ fully natural materials that damage neither health nor nature. The proportion of natural materials actually exceeds 98%. Since the gypsum wood fibre board does not contain any chemical binding agent, the material is very environmentally friendly.

    We can offer certified wood and products without urea-formaldehyde content or emissions. Please ask for our FSC® certified offer.

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    Gustafs panels, type BF-Panels with veneered ore painted surfaces, have in accordance with the Euroclass system, achieved classification A2-s1, d0.  Our Laminated panels achieve classification B-s1, d0.

    The panel surface is fire-safe and does not contribute to the surface spread of flames. Gustafs Panel System® has a low level of smoke development and minimal hazardous gas emissions. Panels which are perforated or slotted are complimented with mineral wool backing to eliminate the possibility of ignition behind the panel.

    The fire retardant properties of the BF-Panel (Cellulose Gypsum) are not reliant on chemical treatment; instead it is the mechanical composition of all the details which create the end result. In all other wood or fibre based materials an environmental friendly fire retardant is used.

    Escape corridors and roof structures have high demands for the use of fire retardant materials. It is of little help however if the non-combustible outer wall or ceiling cladding conveys heat to structures and facilities behind the surfaces which results in fire break out. Claddings with K110/K210 for example protect the underlying constructions in the event of fire.
    Consequently approval of cladding materials is always associated with an installation system or method. The Gustafs Panels System employs Capax as an integral part of its installation and is approved to classification K110/K210.



    Gustafs Panel System® is only for indoor use. Before installation the room should be heated and well dried; Temperature over 18 C°, humidity 25-60%. The maximum humidity in the underlying construction should be 15%.

    Construction damage
    Protect the panels during transport and storage. Cover all parts that can be exposed to damage. Remember not to expose the panels to strong sunlight.

    Wood is a natural material and changes over time when exposed to UV-light. Different wood species react in different ways and also the radiation varies with the seasons.

    Too much water causes discolouration and cracking in the veneer. If this happens it is necessary to replace the panel. Small damages can be reconditioned with furniture polish.

    Temperatures over 50 C° can result in discolouration and cracking of the surface. See water damages above.

    Gustafs panels are simple to maintain. Normally there is no need for a regular cleaning. If required the panels can be dusted with a dry mop or vacuumed.

    Moisten a cloth with lukewarm water and wipe the panels to remove most stains. For greasy stains cleaning fluid or white spirit can be used. For stains from fruit, berries, beer, wine or coffee use a synthetic cleaning fluid without ammonia in lukewarm water. Blood is removed with cold water.


    You can get Gustafs Panels veneered, painted, printed or laminated.

    Nature veneer

    Nature is our most commonly used veneer and achieves the natural wood feeling. Read more about our veneers here >>
    Click the image to see a bigger picture of the veneer

    Nature Oak Nature Birch Nature Rotary cut Birch
    Nature Maple Nature Ash Nature Beech
    Nature Pear Nature Mahogany Nature Oregon Pine
    Nature Elm Nature Cherry Nature Teak
    Nature Walnut


    Gemini veneer

    Gemini® is a dyed pattern coordinated wood veneer. It can be used in both small and large surface areas. Read more about our veneers here >>

    Click the image to see a bigger picture of the veneer

    Gemini Pale Maple Gemini American Maple Gemini Wavy Maple
    Gemini Birds Eye Maple Gemini Birch Gemini Ash
    Gemini Oak Gemini Beech Gemini Pear
    Gemini Teak Gemini Mahogany Gemini Walnut
    Gemini Wenge

    Gustafs standard metallic laminate

    Brushed Aluminium Brushed Steel Brons


    Painted Panels

    Read more about our painted surfaces here >>

    Painted veneer in RAL or NCS Stained veneein RAL or NCS colour White stained ash veneer
    Painted Champagne metallic Painted Silver metallic Painted flat panel in RAL or NCS


    Contact us for samples

  • Technical Data Sheet. Rev. 2012-12-10

    Gustafs Panel System

    Core: Fiber Gypsum
    Surface: Wood veneer Lacquer or Painted Craft Paper
    Design: Plain or Acoustic Perforations (see perforated Panels)
    Thickness: 13,2 mm
    Width: 600 mm
    Length: 600 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2400 mm
    Colour, Pattern & finish
    Wood is a natural product and each veneer is unique. Colour, pattern and structural differences are considered as normal and a part of the décor. Wood changes over time when exposed to UV-light. When painted, please supply RAL or NCS numbers.
    Only for indoor use. Use and installation at 18-50 C° and 25-60% humidity. Cleanings is done by dry mop or vacuum. Use white spirit for greasy stains, synthetic cleaning fluid without ammonia for fruit, wine and coffee. Blood is removed with cold water.
    Thickess ±0,5 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Lenght and width +0,2 mm / -0,5 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Diagonal size +0,2 mm / -0,5 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Flatness ±2,0 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    CE declaration Yes suspended ceilings, EN 13964
    Weight 15,7 kg/m SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Flexural tensile strenght Class 1 / A / no load EN 13964
    Service load bearing 450 N for ceiling use, EN 13964
    Failing load bearing 3520 N for ceiling use, EN 13964
    Thermal conductivity NPD
    Release of asbestos NPD
    Formaldehyde E1 (0,016 mg/m³) E1=0,05 mg/m³, EN 717-1
    TVOC 23 µg/m2h total emission, SS-EN ISO 16000-9
    Recycled content, pre-cons. 77% industrial gypsum
    Recycled content, post-cons. 17% cellulosa fibers
    FSC Yes stewardship for woods, FSC
    Durability >50 years expected life time
    Energy for production 99% water energy 1% wind energy
    Possible LEED points EA C1, MR C1.2, MR C2, MR C3, MR C4, MR C5, MR C6, MR C7, IEQ C3.1, IEQ C3.2, IEQ C4.1, IEQ C4.4. Schools: EQ C4, option 6, EQ C9 sustainable buildings.LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations, LEED for Schools
    Possible BREEAM points sustainable buildings
    Reaction to fire A2,s1,d0 Euroclass
    Resistance to fire K1-10/K2-10 Euroclass
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    Typ Ø Slott cc Open αw & Class
    PH5 5 mm 20/20 5 % 0,35-D
    PH8 8 mm 20/20 12 % 0,55-D
    PH10 10 mm 20/20 18 % 0,75-C
    PG5 5 mm 20/20 3 % 0,3-E/D
    PG8 8 mm 20/20 8 % 0,50-D
    PS2 3 mm 20/20 2 % 0,25-E
    PD8 8 mm 10/10 24 % 0,85-B
    SM5 5 mm 20 mm 20/20 15 % 0,65-C
    SM8 8 mm 20 mm 20/20 26 % 0,85-B
    SH5 5 mm 40 mm 20/30 15 % 0,50-C
    SH8 8 mm 40 mm 20/30 26 % 0,75-C
    SG5 5 mm 55 mm 20/30 12 % 0,55-D
    SG8 8 mm 55 mm 20/30 20 % 0,65-C
    SX8 8 mm 140 mm 20/60 29 % 0,85-B
    RS8 8 mm 40 mm 40/30 13 % 0,60-C


    Typ 45 mm wool + 30 mm  gap
    200 Hz 400 1000 1500
    PH5 0,65 0,60 0,44 0,30
    PH8 0,59 0,98 0,70 0,52
    PH10 0,60 1,10 0,90 0,74
    PG5 0,48 0,49 0,32 0,24
    PG8 0,67 0,94 0,60 0,45
    PS2 0,70 0,91 0,31 0,18
    PD8 0,56 1,12 0,94 0,81
    SM5 0,59 1,03 0,78 0,67
    SM8 0,59 1,04 0,93 0,84
    SH5 0,60 1,07 0,81 0,62
    SH8 0,56 1,10 0,91 0,77
    SG5 0,66 1,00 0,72 0,53
    SG8 0,63 1,08 0,84 0,65
    SX8 0,55 1,00 0,89 0,80
    RS8 0,57 0,87 0,73 0,60


    Typ 45 mm wool + 200 mm  gap
    200 Hz 400 1000 1500
    PH5 0,70 0,73 0,42 0,38
    PH8 0,86 0,92 0,78 0,68
    PH10 0,98 0,94 0,88 0,84
    PG5 0,50 0,44 0,35 0,28
    PG8 0,83 0,73 0,64 0,51
    PS2 0,70 0,67 0,37 0,22
    PD8 0,95 1,04 0,93 0,89
    SM5 0,78 0,87 0,78 0,68
    SM8 0,70 0,96 0,87 0,84
    SH5 0,92 0,93 0,81 0,71
    SH8 0,97 1,03 0,91 0,86
    SG5 0,93 0,83 0,72 0,60
    SG8 0,99 0,95 0,84 0,73
    SX8 0,69 0,95 0,89 0,80
    RS8 0,61 0,78 0,69 0,60


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• Optimal acoustic solutions
• Best possible fire rating, A2
• Real sustainability
• Beautiful natural wood surfaces
• Freedom in design
• Long experience - Safe buy