Gustafs Module – ready to use wall cladding

The Gustafs Modules comes fully assembled and ready to use, including the acoustic felt. The Module system provides quick, user friendly and invisible installations and a modern linear look in solid wood. A look that can be adapted to your request when it comes to the rib dimension and the spacing in between them, but also the type of wood and wood treatment.
With more than 100 years of wood experience, we know how to handle and care for solid wood, a challenging job when perfectly aligned linear installations are requested.

  • The ceiling modules come ready to use including an acoustic felt and are easily suspended from the integral M6 connection points. The M6 connection allows the height positioning to be fine-tuned with laser edge accuracy. Once the modules with the female shaped interlocking’s are in place, simply add and couple the male modules in between. A perfect alignment is secured by the end-pin feature for beautiful large ceiling installations, while every second row of modules remaining fully demountable.
    ceiling module Gustafs Linear Module

    Installation of the acoustic wooden ceiling modules.



  • module-kopplingThe Linear modules for walls also comes fully assembled and equipped with an acoustic felt. The modules are hung from hook shaped battens and once in place secured by a screw. The screw will be hidden behind the acoustic felt, using an overlap principle for a stylish end result.




  • Dimensions Ceiling modules 600 x 1190 mm, others on request
    Wall modules 600 x 2400 mm, others on request
    Species All species of wood, solid
    Treatments Lacquer, Stain, Oil or Paint
    Acoustics Open area and sound absorption depends on the design.
    Installation Ceiling – Interlocking Module, direct suspension, demountable
    Wall – Hooking Module, locked by screw
    Euroclass up to B-s1,d0
• Optimal acoustic solutions
• Best possible fire rating, A2
• Real sustainability
• Beautiful natural wood surfaces
• Freedom in design
• Long experience - Safe buy