Gustafs Linear System, GL

Gustafs Linear System is an innovative range of ribs and planks for cladding of walls and ceilings. With Gustafs Linear System you achieve a reliable, labour saving and exclusive interior finish. Naturally, Gustafs Linear System offers a design attribute that comes with the best fire rating, optimal sound absorption and sound diffusion.

Gustafs Plank Gustafs Ribs Gustafs Module

Gustafs Ribs                                Gustafs Plank                               Gustafs Module

Read more about Gustafs planks and Gustafs Module in our Gustafs linear System catalogue >>

Scandinavian architecture´s love of natural wood is now embodied in Gustafs Linear System, a new and innovative rib and plank cladding system for walls and ceilings. The Ribs and the planks is made with real wood veneer and a Quick-Up installation system. They thereby achieve a reliable, labor saving and exclusive interior finish. Naturally, Gustafs Linear offers a design attribute which incorporates the best fire rating, optimal sound absorption and diffusion properties.

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  • You can get the ribs in any of our available standard veneer collection. It is also possible to wrap them with a coloured foil. Contact us for more information regarding coloured ribs.

    Gustafs Standard veneer collection >>



  • Customized Standard

    The concept of the Gustafs Linear System is rather to be considered as a customized standard. Many parameters can be adjusted individually before losing the advantages of a standard solution.

    You can vary the core, the veneer, the colour, the dimensions, open or closed gaps, coloured gaps. Gustafs Linear System can also be used in curved installations.
    We can assist you with your design wishes and help provide the rib solution with your own personal touch.


  • ProductSheetGLS as PDF

    Gustafs Linear System

    Doc. TDS-GLS Rev. 2013-01-07

    SURFACE Wood Veneer, Lacquer or colored foil
    Fiber Gypsum 22, 28, 34, 44 38 2400
    Sandwich, Fiber Gypsum + FR MDF 22, 28, 38, 44
    MDF 22, 28, 34, 44
    Thickess ±0,5 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Lenght ±1,0 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Width ±0,2 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Flatness ±2,0 mm SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2


    CE declaration EN 13963
    Weight gypsum core, t=28 26,6 kg/m² SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Weight sandwich core, t=28 21,1 kg/m² SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Weight MDF core, t=28 17,0 kg/m² SS-EN 13986/324-1/324-2
    Flexural tensile strenght EN 13964
    Service load bearing EN 13964
    Failing load bearing EN 13964
    Thermal conductivity




    Release of asbestos NPD
    Formaldehyde E1 E1 = 0,05 mg/m³
    TVOC µg/m²h total emission
    Recycled content, pre-cons. 77% industrial gypsum
    Recycled content, post-cons. 17% cellulosa fibers
    FSC Yes stewardship for woods
    Durability > 50 years expected life time
    Energy for production 99% water energy 1 % wind energy
    Possible LEED points EA C1, MR C1.2, MR C2, MR C3, MR C4, MR C5, MR C6, MR C7, IEQ C3.1, IEQ C3.2, IEQ C4.1, IEQ C4.4. Schools: EQ C4, option 6, EQ C9 sustainable buildings
    Possibible BREEAM points sustainable buildings


    Reaction to fire, Gypsum B-s1,d0 Euroclass EN13501-1
    Reaction to fire, Sandwich B-s1,d0 Euroclass EN13501-1
    Reaction to fire, MDF D-s2,d0 Euroclass EN13501-1
    Resistance to fire K2-10 Euroclass EN13501-2


    ACOUSTICS Sound absorption (α) EN ISO 354 / EN ISO 11654
    Typ Ø Slott cc Open αw & Class
    Linear 12 mm 50 mm 24 % 0,85-B
    Linear, 45 mm wool + 30 mm  gap
    200 Hz 400 Hz 1000 Hz 1500 Hz
    0,56 1,12 0,94 0,81
    Linear, 45 mm wool + 200 mm  gap
    200 Hz 400 Hz 1000 Hz 1500 Hz
    0,95 1,04 0,93 0,89
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• Optimal acoustic solutions
• Best possible fire rating, A2
• Real sustainability
• Beautiful natural wood surfaces
• Freedom in design
• Long experience - Safe buy