Euroclass B

With the introduction of Euroclass in the year 2000, the common standard for building materials is now fully implemented and means that all building materials that are manufactured and sold in the EU are subject to the Euroclass system. This in turn identifies their fire preventive properties and helps indicate their suitability for building application.

The system is divided into various classes in accordance to the following:

A1 Non-flammable materials No contribution to fire
A2 Non-flammable materials No noticeable contribution to fire
B Flammable Little or no contribution to fire
C Flammable Limited contribution to fire
D Flammable Contributes to fire
E Flammable Major contribution to fire
F Flammable Not within classes A1-E


Gustafs Linear System® achieved the highest class for flammable materials. Gustafs Ribs have, in accordance with the Euroclass system, achieved classification B-s1, d0. As mentioned above, the classification system has additional and important information worth considering.

B The panels contributes little or insignificantly to fire.
s1 The panels contribute little or insignificantly to the development of smoke.
d0 The panels do not create flaming particles or droplets when subjected to fire.

Gustafs Products with Fire classification B-s1, d0

Gustafs Linear System, GLS

Gustafs Panel System, BF-Panel, laminate 

Gustafs BF-Print on Laminate, EN 13501-1


Many of our products have unique characte­ristics in fire safety. For our veneered panels, we have ­achieved classification Euro Class A2 s1 d0, which is the highest for a combustible material.