Euroclass A2

Gustafs Panel System®, type BF-panel, has achieved the classification: A2-s1,d0

This classification is for non combustible materials. The coding can be deciphered accordingly:

A2 No noticeable contribution to fire.
s1 The panels contribute little or insignificantly to the development of smoke.
d0 The panels do not create flaming particles or droplets when subjected to fire.


Products with Fire classification A2-s1, d0

Gustafs Panel System, BF-Panel, veneered 

Gustafs Panel System, BF-Panel, painted 

Gustafs BF-Print on Veneer, EN 13501-1

Gustafs BF-Print on Craft Paper, EN 13501-1


Many of our products have unique characte­ristics in fire safety. For our veneered panels, we have ­achieved classification Euro Class A2 s1 d0, which is the highest for a combustible material.