Gustafs Panel System

It is just as important for us to ensure the survival of the rain forest areas as it is to eliminate the use of health hazardous chemicals in our production process. One way is to strive to find new materials that imitate rare wood species. Another way is to use only environmentally safe materials and methods in the manufacturing process. Gustafs Panels consist of 98% natural materials which include gypsum and wood. The use of chemical products is limited to the veneer adhesive and the surface treatment. Naturally, our environmental efforts are controlled by legislation but, we strive to exceed the legal demands and set our environmental goals at a higher level. We regularly conduct environmental audits of our process as a natural part of our continuous improvement ambitions. Our environmental policy is so important to us that we try to maintain an open dialogue concerning environmental issues with our staff, suppliers and customers.

Name: Gustafs Panel System®
Type: BF-panels. Panels for covering walls and ceilings indoors.
Manufacturer: Gustafs Scandinavia AB
Produced in: Gustafs, Sweden

percentage by weight
Gypsum 81 %
Cellulose Fibers 12 %
Solid wood 3 %
Water 2 %
Craft paper 1 %
Glue 1 %
Lacquer < 0,3 %
Total thickness 13,2 mm
– of which Gypsum
cellulose fiber board 12,6 mm

Existing emission to the air from gluing and lacquering is less than the stipulated concession agreement. Waste products of wood and paper are used for energy production, gypsum is disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

For transport of raw materials and finished products, car and boat transportation is used. Finished products are distributed directly to the building site.  Packaging consists of wood and cardboard. Wood pallets are re-used.

Installation is carried out with the help of power hand tools. Any gypsum and cellulose dust is
collected and disposed of in accordance with environmental regulations.

No environmentally dangerous emissions occur when using and maintaining Gustafs Panel System®. No energy is needed for the usage of the panels. The lifespan is estimated to more than 3 0 years.

No environmentally dangerous emissions occur at demolition.

When demounted, the aluminum profiles can be reused. Wood battens are used for energy and panels are deposited.


Gustafs products are manufactured with precision and the highest quality using natural materials. Whether chosen for fire retardant or acoustical purposes our product will perform with unreduced performance throughout their lifetime.