FSC Certification

Chain of Custody
Gustafs can offer certified wood. Please ask for our FSC® certified offer.
FSC Trademark license code FSC-C123849

FSC certified wood has become extra important since it became a requirement in the LEED or BREEAM certification of buildings.


Naturally very low emitting

Gustafs fiber gypsum panels are always produced with a NAF system, No Added urea Formaldehyde.
Of course they are emission classified as E1 as well.
Gustafs panels based on MDF are standard delivered with E1 cores. No added urea formaldehyde cores are available on request.

Nothing added

Due to the unique fiber gypsum core, Gustafs panels are as green as wall and ceiling panels can get.
Compared with MDF or Plywood cores, the Gustafs fiber gypsum core needs no glue for the manufacturing, and the “no added urea formaldehyde” is guaranteed by it’s natural qualities.
Wood based cores like MDF, Plywood and chipboards need either fire retardant impregnations and or lacquers to increase the fire retardant qualities. Panels with a fiber gypsum core don’t.

-No added fire retardants
-No fire retardant lacquers
-No added urea formaldehyde


Recycled materialrealgreen

Gustafs panels contain an incredible 94% recycled material. Even better is the fact that 17% of the total content comes from post consumer recycled material, very important for the LEED and BREEAM certification of buildings.

Green power

100% of the electricity used for the production of Gustafs products comes from 95% hydro power and 5% wind power.

Energy saving

Gustafs panels have a high thermal mass that can store high or low temperatures. In that way the panels will help to even out daily fluctuations in room temperature. This simple use of natural cooling and heating, can drastically result in substantial savings of electricity.