Acoustics – Diffusers

A diffuser is an element which purposely reflects and spreads a sound source. Placed properly, the diffuser will improve the overall sound quality in the room while avoiding added sound effects such as echo or reverberation.

Instead, the diffusers enhance the live sound by contributing an added feeling space to the room.

Example of our acoustic panels – 3coustic


Qatar Nation Convention Centre

Qatar Convention and Conference Center was conceived and designed by Arata Isozaki in association with RHWL architects to be the largest and most adaptable meeting place in the gulf region. An exciting and functional meeting place offering 10 performance areas including a 2500 seat theatre and a 4 000 seat conference hall, building standards Visit the project >>

Academy of Music in Gdansk

The Academy of Music in Gdansk is over half a century old. In northern Poland it was the only Musical Academy for a long time, covering an area of 1/4th of the country. Today it’s backstage is an area covering 1/5th of the country with 5 million citizens. Visit the project >>


Gustafs products is part of many great concert halls around the world. By using devices that diffuse sound you can increas the acoustic performance in a room and create a sound that appears to be "live". Diffusers can replace echo-like reflections without absorbing too much sound.