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Gustafs Panel System® is fitted as a suspended ceiling in the load-bearing structures or, alternatively, is screwed into the underlying construction. Upon choosing the suspension system and load-bearing construction attention shall be given to the weight of the panel. The load-bearing construction must be dimensioned and fitted to enable it to withstand the loads that the false ceiling constitute.

For reasons of safety we recommend that panels are not to be fitted in suspended load-bearing constructions with a breadth of more than 800 mm.


  • 1 Measure and indicate hanger distance c/c 1200 mm
    2 Hang up main runner profile
    3 Connect main runners
    4 Fasten distance profile
    5 Secure snap lock with selfdrilling screw
    6 Install the panels
    7 *Install mineral wool insulation
    8 Dust off panels


    * Please note that the fire classification for perforated panels only is valid if mineral wool insulation is used behind Gustafs Panels. Thickness 45 mm density, 28 kg/m3 and have euroclass A1 or A2.

  • The Capax installation system for suspended ceilings constitutes a considerable improvement to previous installation solutions. The most important characteristic of the system is that it is properly dimensioned to accomodate the weight of Gustafs panels. The construction is torsionally rigid and self-bearing, lacking the need to fix onto adjacent walls.

    The Capax system offers full panel demountability and thereby access to overlying technical installations while maintaining its overall stability and strength. Capax ceiling profile system is aesthetically appealing and totally hidden.

    The Capax suspended ceiling system consists of support T-profiles that support the panels on the long sides. On the short sides the panels are pushed right against each other. The support profiles are locked longitudinally by means of a distance profile that is snapped firmly against the support profile and its stabilisers. The system is constructed for a panel width of 600 mm but allows the width to vary at intervals of 50 mm between 300 – 800 mm.

    Traditional load-bearing constructions

    Upon the employment of traditional load-bearing construction systems it is important to choose a system with adequate stability and torsion stiffness. Particular care shall be taken in respect of panels that can be dismantled, as the slope loads on the load-bearing construction can give rise to what is termed “the domino effect”.


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