Ceiling Installation GL

Installation GL – Ceiling Installation GL

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    1. Ceiling suspendor
    2. Suspending Capax BASE-C
    3. Distance Capax 3262
    4. Capax U-FIX
    5. Capax in-line connector
    6. Gustafs Ribs

    Please note: For ceiling use the maximum thickness of the Rib is 28 mm.

    A. Suspend the Capax profiles BASE-C (2) with 600 mm in between them. If needed, connect in-line with 3262-6H. The connection of BASE-C to the ceiling has to be made every 400 mm.
    B. Snap the distance Capax 3262 (3) to the BASE-C profile every 1200 mm and secure with a self-drilling screw in the intersections.
    C. Optionally install an Acoustex felt with some self-adhesive tape to keep it in place during the installation.
    D. Attach the Capax U-FIX clips (4) flush to the BASE-C profile with demountable clips or permanent screws. This step will also hold the Acoustex in place permanently.
    E. Twist the U-FIX (4) clips 90° into a perpendicular position to the BASE-C.
    F. Press the Ribs (6) onto the U-FIX clips and if needed carefully use a squeezing clamp. Use a fixture, during this installation step F, to align the Ribs.
    G. Optionally install an insulation material on top to fill the air gap behind the Ribs.

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    When the Ribs are installed with the spring clips, they can be demounted by gently pulling close to all the points of connection (U-FIX + spring clip), starting at one of the ends. Do not try to pull down the whole Rib by pulling at one of the ends only


    In the case of a re-installation of a removed Rib, be sure all spring clips are properly aligned with the center of the holes in the BASE-C or BASE-W profiles before pressing firmly home.

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