How we work

Developing a common solution

There are high demands on rooms and public space if people are to thrive and have a sense of comfort in them. Among the many demands are not least, design impression and acoustic solutions. How we experience sound in a room is as important as how we perceive the designers choice of materials and furnishing. To succeed in these requires alone the professionals practical experience and an elusive feeling for style. Our customers and the challenges they confront are what we as a company thrive on when developing our solutions and innovations. Designers and architects combine our products to create unique and exciting design solutions. Together we make large rooms greater.

We can tailor your solution

Our strength lies not only in our reputation as carpentry specialists. We undertake unique projects where the word standard is rarely used. Custom or tailor made solutions are more akin to the project descriptions we help realize with our customers. Whether it is a wall cladding or ceiling solution we manufacture Gustafs products with skills solidly rooted in our woodcraft knowledge and experience.

Knowledge is a Gustafs product

Our customers have access to a wealth of competence and knowledge when they seek our cooperation. Through years of national and international project experience our production workers together with our sales staff  form and strengthen the base of our service to architects and designers. Together we create end results where others fail or falter.

We at Gustaf Scandinavia has now for 100 years been a leading manufacturer of exclusive wooden interiors for public environments. Quality, appearance, performance, acoustics and fire safety is the core of everything we do.