The success of design and architecture is closely related to the choice of materials and their application. Wood with its intrinsic properties opens up a wide spectrum of creative possibilities. Gustafs Scandinavia AB supplies the architectural world solutions with technical finesse and class that become classic interiors. Wood has been our medium for over 100 years. Along the way we have incorporated our knowledge of carpentry and bespoke fitting with the industrial requirement of today´s building process.


Throughout time Scandinavian architects have used wood as their material of choice due to its inherent properties and not least its warmth and liveliness. A wall or ceiling clad in wood immediately provides the room with a classic exclusive appearance. It is this tradition that is the driving force behind the development of Gustafs Panels System. During the 100 years of company existence, GUSTAFS Scandinavia has participated in numerous exciting and prestigious projects in many parts of the world. This experience has given us invaluable knowledge about the architects needs and desires.
Our attention to detail extends from our meetings with clients throughout our production and the delivery of our product.




    Form and function go hand in hand. We collaborate closely with architects and designers and are attentive to what lies in the future. Our design is constantly evolving as we develop different surfaces, such as veneer, laminates, textiles, metals, and colors.

    We operate an active environmental program that is apparent throughout the manufacturing process. Over 98 percent of Gustafs panels consist of natural materials such as gypsum and wood. Our goal is to ensure that the manufacturing has the minimum environmental impact possible, and constantly striving to develop better solutions.

    The acoustic environment in a room is very important, especially when it comes to, for example, lecture halls, airport terminals or concert halls. Some frequencies should be amplified, and others must be attenuated or removed. Gustafs panels effects and regulates the acoustics without sacrificing the beautiful design.
  • FIRE

    Our panels have unique characteristics in fire safety. For our veneered panels, we have achieved classification Euro Class A2-s1, d0. Our Linear System has achieved classification Euro Class B-s1, d0.

    Capax is the name of our unique aluminium profile installation system. The Capax system provides a safe and quick installation, well adapted to the rapid construction process of today.
We at Gustaf Scandinavia has now for 100 years been a leading manufacturer of exclusive wooden interiors for public environments. Quality, appearance, performance, acoustics and fire safety is the core of everything we do.